Pharmacy Drug Purchasing and Management

Drive more value from drug purchasing decisions with tools and solutions that offer your pharmacy competitive prices for high-quality pharmaceutical products and supplies.

Competitive pharmaceutical pricing and distribution services for all pharmacies


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We offer more than just an efficient way to access pharmaceuticals. We are your strategic supplier, providing you competitively priced products and tools to measure and optimize your drug purchasing.

beta365网站的 pricing advantage

With ever-increasing medication costs, maximizing the value of your pharmaceutical supply is vital to your business health and the health of your customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools to help you meet and exceed your financial, operational and clinical performance goals.


Improve your pharmacy’s clinical, financial and operational performance with our easy-to-use drug spend and inventory management tools.


药品支出分析 gives you deep insight into your drug spend trends—helping you make more informed business and clinical decisions.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 丰富的分析
  • 智能仪表盘
  • Flexibility to create custom reports

Pharmacy Asset Management

Designed to help you gain the highest value from our technology, Pharmacy Asset Management draws on our expertise in pharmaceutical inventory and purchasing management.

The program allows you to:

  • Easily identify and focus your time on priority items
  • Capitalize on past purchasing trends to strategically guide current and future ordering


MyHealthMart is a one-s前 market intelligence shop for independent retail pharmacies.

This platform allows you to:

  • 访问使用情况报告
  • 管理库存
  • Adjust ordering to manage your operational costs

340 b建筑师℠

340B Architect is an innovative 340B management software solution that helps covered entities and retail contract pharmacies navigate the operational, financial and regulatory challenges of the outpatient drug discount program for uninsured and underinsured patients.

340 b网关℠

340 b网关 is a software solution that helps retail contract pharmacies effectively manage their inventory of discounted 340B outpatient drugs and avoid overstocking or understocking that affect cash flow and patient access to prescribed medications.

Drug formulary management tools

有了新的药物, drug use and efficacy research, and recommendations released throughout the year, it’s critical to have a dynamic drug formulary management system. beta365网站的 tools promote efficient management of drug formularies, inventory, dispensing and purchasing.

通用的 Drug Purchasing

beta365网站的 generic drug purchasing program offers reliable product access, competitive prices and business information. The program’s flexible and scalable tools are ideal for hospital and health system pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies and alternate site pharmacies.

制药 contract administration

Drug purchasing contracts between your pharmacy and manufacturers are becoming as complex and varied as prescription medications themselves. With our pharmaceutical contract administration solutions, we help you:

  • 减少药物开支
  • Track clinical programs
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • 管理库存 and shortages
  • Improve purchasing contract compliance