Specialty Drugs for Physician Practices

Community specialty practices gain controlled access to specialty drugs through our direct-to-provider wholesale distribution.

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    Biosimilars: A Rapidly Expanding Treatment Option

    更多的 than 20 unique biosimilars are expected to enter the U.S. healthcare market over the next decade. 了解更多 about these safe and effective treatment options.


Specialty drug distribution and purchasing services

Count on getting the right specialty medicines at the right time – reliably, safely and efficiently – with our state-of-the-art distribution systems.

无论是口服的, infusible or injectable specialty medications, we can help you get what your patients need - we process and deliver thousands of orders while maintaining a 99.98%订单准确率. 通过与beta365网站合作, you will benefit from unmatched network scale providing you with greater availability, 灵活性和选择.

You can make smarter purchasing decisions with our highly rated, web-based specialty drug ordering platform which offers real-time 定价 and inventory levels, 订单状态跟踪, 搜索功能, 集成的发票 & payment functionality, and custom reports.

beta365网站提供 full range of specialty practice solutions that can help you with everything you need to treat your patients. You can make sure each vial of costly injectable and infusible specialty drugs is accounted for from procurement through dispensing and billing with our specialty practice 库存管理系统 with its easy integration with your practice systems. You can dispense the medications that your patients need to take at home with our in-office oral and self-injectable medication dispensary and pharmacy solution. And, you can gain purchasing power and savings by 与你的同伴团结在一起 under our specialty-drug group purchasing organization.

beta365网站的 Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) accredited distribution centers have a common saying, “这不仅仅是一个包裹, 这是一个病人." 通过与beta365网站合作 to maximize your specialty drug ordering and distribution relationship, you can continue to deliver quality patient care while delivering and better business results.

Online drug ordering for specialty practices through the beta365网站 客户中心

客户中心, our online biopharmaceutical ordering platform for specialty practices, offers you real-time 定价 and inventory levels, 订单状态跟踪, 高级搜索功能, 强有力的报告. beta365网站的 convenient online portal helps save you time. We offer one-s前 shopping for everything you need, +, we provide targeted news and updates that matter most to your specialty practice. 其他福利包括:

  • Information you need, in one place: 的 comprehensive home page provides important product and order status updates as well as the ability to place orders with the convenience of your default Favorites list.
  • 简化采购: beta365网站的 user-friendly functionality and interface allow you to place orders with a variety of customizable options and provides centralized 定价 and product availability.
  • Comprehensive financial management: Easily access invoices and credits, view financial history and conveniently make electronic payments.
  • Improved business intelligence: 访问 information to help you streamline the financial management of your practice. Reports include purchase history, up-to-date price lists and drug reimbursement reports providing CMS quarterly updates.


We provide comprehensive and knowledgeable customer service and support for all your biopharmaceutical supply needs.

beta365网站的 trained customer service representatives are available to help you with orders, 返回, 定价, 库存管理, assistance related to our online ordering portal and more. beta365网站的 financial services representatives are available to help with invoice and payment questions. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CT.

For specialty practice customers who would rather do it themselves, online help and tutorials are available on the 客户中心, offering step-by-step and screen-by-screen assistance.

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    Specialty Drugs for Pharmacies, 卫生系统 & 医院

    Learn about our plasma-derived products, biologics and specialty drug distribution solutions for health system, hospital and retail pharmacies.